SteelCAL 3.0

It contains a number of modules dealing with structural design in steelwork
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SteelCAL is a computer aided learning package containing teaching modules, student worksheets and learning tools with access to a large library of rich and diverse sources of structural steelwork information. SteelCAL has been designed as an interactive learning environment to teach structural steelwork to undergraduates and engineers under training. The SteelCAL package can be used either to reinforce existing teaching methods or as a stand-alone package.

SteelCAL is a modular teaching package. Each module (e.g. Lateral Torsional Buckling) can be used as a discrete teaching aid or as part of a tutor-authored course. Most modules can be further sub-divided into sub-modules.

A team of practising tutors from educational establishments throughout Europe has designed each module. This participatory method has been employed specifically to create modules that have synergy with existing teaching methods as well as targeting the areas of structural behaviour, analysis and design that students typically have the greatest difficulty understanding.

In addition to the teaching benefits of using SteelCAL, the students will be working in an interactive Internet based environment with access to a rich source of multimedia information. A SteelCAL course can provide the opportunity for students to collaborate and discuss with their peers electronically. SteelCAL contains a range of tools that foster good communications and consequently develops the associated ICT skills necessary for the knowledge-based economy.

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